Planet Centric Design Starter Canvas
Workshop #1

Now, let’s think about

the planetary cost bearers.

Total time: 20 minutes
Have a look at the list of planetary users and select the ones that could be negatively impacted by your solution.
Is your solution toxic or harmful to the human body?
Is your solution safe to use?
Does your solution respect people’s privacy?
Is your solution limited to only wealthy people?
Does your solution encourage isolation?
Is your solution toxic or harmful to any animals?
Does your solution use animal origin materials?
Does your solution impact animal’s life?
(e.g, reduces wild life’s areas with new constructions)
Will your solution increase deforestation?
Does your solution reduce grassland areas?
Does your solution introduce non-native species of plants in a ecosystem?
Does your solution introduce chemicals in the oceans?
Are you creating a solution that requires use of disposable packaging? (plastic bags, plastic cups…)
Does your solution require mining the Earth for minerals?
(e.g. uses electronic components, batteries…)
Does your solution requires long distance shipping/delivery?
Does your solution use non-local materials?
Does your solution requires the use of non-electric transports?
Does your solution use non-renewable energy sources?