Planet Centric Design Toolkit

This is our toolkit for

Planet Centric Design


We partnered with MakeSense to deploy a Planet Centric Design Toolkit.

Through collaborative workshops, this toolkit will enable facilitators, designers and Make_Sense volunteers to help entrepreneurs,  startups and businesses solving their problems while respecting the planet and its inhabitants.

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What the *#& is

Planet Centric Design

Planet Centric Design is a methodology to create more sustainable business solutions.

Core of the process is thePlanet Centric Design Canvas,  a modified version of the lean canvas though which we find the solution. We fill it together with the business during a 3 hour workshop (Workshop #1).

Here’s a  preview   of this process.

Before the workshop, the facilitator meets the business to understand the objective of the event. The toolkit provides guidance for this phase and a checklist to follow to organise the workshop (Preparation).

Once the solution is framed, we start a validation phase (Loops). During this part of the process, the solution is prototyped, tested and then iterate, over and over, until we get something that works.